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Hey everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m a tad obsessed with highlighters! I love the glow and radiance it gives to the face and the right one, applied the right way, can look stunning. I have a few that I love and use on a regular basis. For the purpose of this post I will be reviewing my personal favourites.

Top,  from left to right: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Soft & Gentle, and TheBalm in ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’.
Bottom, from left to right: MAC Magically Cooling Liquid in ‘Honey Rose’ and MAC Golden Bronze.

My newest addition is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. This is a beautiful light bronzey/peachy colour with extremely fine shimmer. When applied, it gives a warm golden sheen to the face. It is not a very dark colour, so it is perfect to use for highlighting the cheeks, nose etc. I found out about this product from a blogger, and decided I had to have it. However, it was sold out at quite a few MAC counters so I had to wait a while before I could get my hands on it. When I did though, I felt an instant connection haha. Because it is so shimmery, it’s best to apply it with a light hand and build it up to the intensity you want. I went a bit overboard one night when I was going out and I resembled a 70s disco ball. So a word of warning!

The next one is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. This is a soft champagne colour, with very fine shimmer. However, unlike Soft and Gentle, the shimmer is not as obvious to the eye, and it appears much more finely milled. It is very natural once applied and blends in well with my skin, to give a warm radiant look. I don’t reach for this one as much as the Soft and Gentle, but I think I should, as its a very flattering colour and would work well on many skin tones.

The other two highlighters I use are the MAC Magically Cooling Liquid in Honey Rose and the MAC Golden Bronze (this isn’t technically a highlighter but I think it can add a warm glow to the face when applied lightly).

From left to right: MAC ‘Soft & Gentle’, TheBalm, Honey Rose and Golden Bronze


Honey Rose is a new one I just ordered. I have it in a sample size, as I wanted to try it before I bought a full size one. It’s an extremely shimmery powder, and is a peach toned colour. The feel of it is a bit weird; it’s water based so it gives a cooling effect. I don’t know if I like the way it feels yet. It also feels a bit gritty on my skin when applied. Nonetheless, it’s is nice shimmer and I can imagine wearing this out at night to highlight my cheekbones.

The MAC Golden Bronze is a deep bronze colour with lots of shimmer. It is quite dark, so if you are fair it’s best to apply it with a light hand. I haven’t yet used this one, but I plan to soon. I’ll post a picture up when I do.

So in summary, there are plenty of highlighters out there on the market; you just need to find the right one that works for you. I hope you have enjoyed this review and please let me know what highlighters you like!

xo Roxane

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