MAC Pigments! Thoughts & Reviews!

MAC Pigments!

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing some MAC pigments that I ordered & received in the mail. I ordered a total of ten pigment samples from the USA. I also ordered samples of MAC Face and Body foundation, Magically Cooling Liquid Powder in Honey Rose and a couple of other little samples. However I will be focussing on the pigments in this post.

MAC Pigments

I have heard of MAC Pigments in the past however I have never purchased any. One reason was because I couldn’t imagine ever finishing a whole pot. Another was because i was never sure what colour to choose. If I chose the wrong one I would be stuck with it. For those reasons, I decided to find a way to order samples. I found out about The Body Needs website through one of my favourite bloggers. This particular blogger had ordered several colours, and I immediately decided to place an order, simply based on the beautiful pigments this blogger had chosen. Its for that reason that most of the pigments i ended up purchasing were the same as hers.

I spent quite a while on the website, going through each pigment and deciding which colours I would get the most use out of. I decided on the following: Vanilla, Reflects Gold, Melon, Pink Bronze, Museum Bronze, Chocolate Brown, Reflects Blackened Gold, Cornflower, Violet and Reflects Duo Purple. I also ordered another pigment however this ended up being out of stock. I forgot what the colour was called. My reasons for choosing these particular colours were pretty simple: i wanted to be able to create different coloyr combinations, to be able to highlight and shadow, and to make my eyes pop with colour. I believe I achieved this with the pigments I chose.

Left to Right: Chocolate Brown, Melon, Pink Bronze, Reflects Gold and Vanilla


Left to Right: Museum Bronze, Reflects Blackened Gold, Violet, Cornflower and Refects Duo Purple

My first impressions of the pigments is that they are incredibly, well, pigmented! They are all really beautiful, shimmering colours and there are endless possibilities as to what colour combinations you can create. I haven’t yet used them all, but I plan to experiment a bit more and test them out thoroughly.

I tend to gravitate towards bright blues/purples, and I also adore white/golds, in terms of eye shadows. These colours suit my golden brown eyes the most. That being said, I already love Cornflower, Violet and Vanilla. I have been using these colours over the weekend and I love the effect it gives my to my eyes. The way I use them is to line my eyes with a bright colour, like Cornflower, and then dab the lighter colour, like Vanilla, in my tear duct. This opens up my eyes and really makes them stand out.

While i am happy with all of the colours that i chose, I did find a couple of the colours to be a bit too glittery for my liking. One was Reflects Blackened Gold. I expected this to be a smoky black colour, with red undertones, however it is extremely glittery and I can’t imagine this lasting long on my eyelids. I think this particular colour would be better if it was layered over a cream eyeshadow. I may try this and let you know. Reflects Gold is also quite glittery but it is a beautiful colour, so I may try layering it over another eyeshadow as well.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to comment below!

xo Roxane

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