Favourite foundations!

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing some of my most used foundations. I have experimented with plenty over the years, but I have my staples that I keep coming back to. These are the Makeup For Ever HD foundation, Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation. All of these foundations can be built up to an almost flawless finish. They also offer a natural looking finish, which is not cakey or fake looking.


Left to right: HD foundation, Silk Creme and Creme Smooth

Let’s start with the Makeup Forever foundation. I had come across this product through reading numerous blogs, and thought it sounded pretty good. I placed an order with a reputable seller on EBay. I wasn’t really sure what shade I would be but after seeing several swatches on the net, I figured I would be the shade 123. This is for people with a light olive complexion. As I have yellow undertones to my skin I figured this would suit me the best.
When I received it I quickly tested it and initially thought, wow this stuff is really thin! I was expecting a thicket, creamier foundation, so I was surprised at how thin and light it seemed to be. After applying it, I did like the finish however it didn’t cover all of my blemishes. I had to use a concealer to cover them up. It is very natural looking and the finish is between a matte and a satin. If you are after a dewy finish this foundation will not provide that. I have come to like it though, and I always reach for it when I’m going out at night. It’s specifically designed for times when your picture will be taken, and it really does give you a flawless look. So it’s perfect for those times when you want a light yet flawless look.
When to use this foundation: at night, when you want a natural yet flawless finish and when you know your photo will be taken. I wear this when my skin is relatively clear, with minor breakouts.

The next is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. This is my everyday foundation, as it gives a very natural finish. I find the wear time is not very long; after working an 8- hour day, by the time I get home it has faded a bit around my nose and my jaw. I definitely recommend wearing a primer underneath this. It has a creamy, gel-like texture and it glides on smoothly. I normally apply this with my fingers, but I do occasionally use a brush, which offers a better coverage. The finish is satin -like and gives a nice glow. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to apply a powder over it, but it would be a way to set it in place for longer. I normally dust some bronzer over it and that seems to work well.
When to use this foundation: as an everyday foundation, and when you are after a natural, creamy look.

Lastly is the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation. I have reviewed this in an upcoming blog post (which I will be posting soon), so this is purely for comparison purposes. Compared to the other two foundations, this is the creamiest and offers a fuller coverage. It gives a much heavier finish than the other two foundations and would suit those who want a full coverage. It’s a heavy emollient so it feels rather tacky on the face. For this reason, a setting powder is recommended. The finish is not quite opaque, however it is still heavy so it is good for those times when you are after a heavier coverage.
When to use this foundation- when you feel like you need more coverage, but want to let some of your natural skin show through.

What are some of your favourite foundations?
xo Roxana


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