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Hey everyone!

So I have a confession- I have never bought a MAC eyeshadow until now! I know I know, it’s quite sad! I have no idea why- I think the price that we pay here in Australia put me off! Anyway I ordered 3 eye shadows from the All Cosmetics Wholesale site. For those of you who don’t know, this is an American site which sells many brand name cosmetics at a discounted price. The eye shadows were very cheap; I believe I paid about $15 each. I ordered the shades Brun, Carbon and Humid. I have wanted a matte eyeshadow for the longest time but always ended up buying shimmer shades! Brun and Carbon are both matte shades so I was very happy to add these to my collection. The Humid shade was an impulse buy- I saw a swatch on a blog and fell in love!

From left to right- Carbon, Brun and Humid (I apologise for the poor quality picture).

Out of the three, I find Humid and Brun the most pigmented. That being said, I think Carbon isn’t as pigmented purely because it is black, so you are able to build it up to the intensity you want.  I have been using Brun to define my crease and am really loving it! It is easily my favourite shade, simply because it is so versatile. I have also heard that girls use it to fill in their brows, which is a great idea. Brun has a soft texture, which makes it ideal for blending. I have used Humid to line my lower lash line and its such a pretty colour! I plan to wear this at nighttime, with some black eyeliner and lots of mascara. It is extremely soft and creamy- which makes blending a dream. Carbon is a shade that everyone should own- as it’s a matte black it can be worn both day and night. I have only ever bought shimmer black eye shadows in the past so this was a long time coming! I find that it is not as harsh as a black shimmer shade; it’s more of a soft black. Although it really does depend on the intensity that you build it up to- I prefer a softer look during the day and a more dramatic look at night.

I see what all the fuss is with MAC eye shadows now- it’s bit of an obsession isn’t it? Next on my list to buy is Stars and Rockets and Sumptous Olive!

What are your favourite MAC eyeshadow?

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