Lime Crimes Velvetines matte lipstick in Suedeberry!

Hey everyone! I recently purchased the Lime Crime Velvetines matte lipstick in Suedeberry. I had seen it on a fellow blogger and immediately fell in love with it. I loved the vibrancy of it, and the actual colour itself. I was deciding between Suedeberry and Red Velvet but ultimately decided to go with Suedeberry. I am very happy with my choice; it is a great colour that would flatter practically everyone.

I placed an order with Crush Cosmetics. After I had ordered it I went online and read some reviews, specifically for the shade I had purchased. I was a bit nervous, especially since it was a new product and I had not tested it before buying. After all, I am the sort of person who will read a ton of reviews and try to test the product out prior to purchasing. However it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Once I received my order, I immediately swatched it and fell in love. 

The colour is a beautiful vibrant shade of orange/red (almost like a strawberry). It has a cool tone to it, and would suit just about everyone. It reminds me of the lipsticks that the pin up girls in the 50’s wore, vibrant and extremely flattering. In terms of application, it can either be dabbed on softly, or built up to a deep intensity. I use my finger to dab it on, if I am after a softer finish. If I want a more dramatic look I use my lipstick brush to apply it. The texture is unlike any other product I’ve used before- it’s a cross between a stain and a mousse. When applying it, I find that I have to be careful not to smudge it, as it sets quite quickly. In terms of wear- I
have worn it out for dinner/drinks and it lasted really well- the
vibrancy does fade after eating/drinking etc however a stain is still
left on the lips. I am not one to reapply makeup when I go out, so this is a bonus for me.

the name suggests, it has a matte finish however it is not drying at
all. I do believe you need to get rid of any flaky skin on your
 lips before using the product though, as it definitely accentuates any dryness.

I am interested in purchasing the Red Velvet shade next. I follow LimeCrime on Instagram and they have recently expanded their range to even more shades.

Has anyone tried this product? Please share your thoughts below!

xo Roxane

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