Kora! The Hydrating Mask!

Hey everyone! So I recently blogged about the Bellabox I received and how I wasn’t lucky enough to receive a Kora product. Well, a friend of mine (hi Daniella!) was lucky to receive one, and very generously gave me hers. I think she got tired of me going on about it!

The product is the ‘The Hydrating Mask’ and it is targeted towards normal to dry skin, as stated on the tube. Its aim is to replenish the skin with much needed moisture. It is also meant to calm the skin, thanks to the noni extraction. 

The Kora Hydrating Mask.

I wasted no time in trying this mask. I set aside an hour last night and popped this on. The first thing I noticed was the smell. My goodness, it smells absolutely amazing! It has a very earthy, natural scent and reminds me of those products stocked in a fancy spa. 

You can see how the formula is quite runny. 

The consistency is quite runny which was surprising, as masks are normally a little thicker. However it wasn’t so runny that it didn’t stay on. I used a generous dollop, and applied it first to the middle of my face, and then spread it to my neck. The tube states to apply it to the décolletage however I didn’t this time. I lay down for ten minutes and relaxed. The mask is meant to be left on for around ten minutes; I left it on for fifteen. It didn’t particularly ‘set’ or harden; it remained quite moist on the skin. I did not experience any tingling or sensation whilst the mask was on. 

Once I washed it off, my skin was glowing. It looked refreshed and plump. I have since used this mask again and will definitely use it 1-2 times a week. This mask is targeted towards ‘normal to dry skin’, as mentioned above, however I believe people with all skin types would benefit from extra hydration and moisture to the skin. 

Have you used this mask? What did you think of it?

xo Roxane


  1. amela
    July 16, 2014 / 12:17 pm

    Yay!!! Might give the mask a go 🙂

  2. Roxane Papas
    July 17, 2014 / 9:40 pm

    Yes you would love it Amela!

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