My favourite lipsticks! Reviews, photos, swatches!

MHey everyone! Today I will be talking about some of my favourite lipsticks. Just some quick background info: I never used to wear lipstick. For some reason I always thought you had to have full lips (like Ms Jolie) to pull it off. However, I eased into the lipstick world by wearing lighter colours, and have been progressing slowly to brighter, bolder shades. I still don’t wear bright reds, as I feel like they emphasize my features a bit too much. But I can wear most bright colours without feeling self conscious. 

Today I’ll be reviewing ‘Glamour’ by Sephora, ‘Hue’ by MAC and ‘Sweet Pea’ by Bloom. Keep reading for reviews and swatches! 

From left to right: ‘Glamour’ by Sephora, ‘Hue’ by MAC and ‘Sweet Pea’ by Bloom

My absolute favourite lipstick was purchased from Sephora a while ago, and it is from the Sephora range. It’s called Lip Attitude- Glamour. I was looking for a shade that was like my natural lip colour but ‘better’. This is a beautiful dark nude shade, with a berry undertone. It’s great for when I want some colour on my face but don’t want anything too high maintenance. I usually just swipe it on straight from the tube and then use my finger to blend it in slowly. I also line my lips with a Sephora lip liner in nude, and this really makes my lips fuller and stand out more. Because the finish is quite glossy, it really adds a glamourous look to the face. I hope they still stock this shade as I’d love to buy a few back ups! 

A swatch of ‘Glamour’ by Sephora.

Another favourite lipstick is ‘Hue’ by MAC. To be honest, I bought this one without even testing it on my lips as I was so confident it would work for me. I guess that’s what happens when you read too many beauty blogs! Well, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for us both. It didn’t seem to have that ‘wow’ factor that others had claimed it had. In fact, it made me look a bit washed out. I bought it, tried it on, didn’t really ‘love’ it, and so packed it away in my drawer. I recently took it out again, and can now say that I really love it. It really is the perfect nude colour, as it’s light enough to let your natural lip colour show through, yet still gives your lips a wash of colour. I also line my lips with my nude lip liner, as it does make the lips appear bigger and fuller.

‘Hue’ by MAC

Finally, ‘Sweet Pea’ by Bloom is another one I love. I also happen to love the name, as my grandmother has called me sweet pea since I was a child. It’s a beautiful light berry shade, with a pinkish undertone. It instantly gives me a polished look, which makes it ideal for work. It’s not exactly a satin, nor a matte, so somewhere in between. It has good staying power as well; the colour seems to last quite long on the lips. 

Sweet Pea’ by Bloom.

A quick photo of my favourite lip liner: ‘Native Nude’ by Sephora.

What are some of your favourite lipsticks? Please share! 

xo Roxane 

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