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Hey everyone!

I am constantly rearranging my makeup/skincare and love to change up my organisational system on a regular basis. I have a tendency to get bored of looking at the same arrangement everyday, so that is what drives me to switch things up and keep my bathroom bench looking fresh. In terms of how I store my products, I tend to choose baskets or decorative boxes over traditional storage systems, just because I find them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, the downside to not choosing a storage system specifically designed for makeup is that they tend to look messy and products don’t fit in as well which doesn’t optimize space efficiently. 

Frankly, makeup storage systems are quite expensive. Places like Howard’s Storage World have some great products however the prices are often through the roof. When Aldi recently came out with some makeup containers, I planned to purchase some.

Unfortunately my local Aldi store did not stock any, however a friend was kind enough to pick me up a makeup storage unit with pull out draws, as well as a lipstick caddy from her local Aldi store. Both items are made from a sturdy acrylic and are clear, which helps to distinguish exactly what products are stored inside. 

The lipstick caddy. As you can see, there is ample room to store quite a few products. These are my everyday products. 

I really love the look of these containers and they would look perfect sitting on my bathroom bench. The lipstick caddy not only holds lipsticks; it has ample storage for a foundations, brushes and obviously lipstick. I plan to store all of my daily makeup in this container, as it’s small enough to sit on top of my bench.

This is actually a jewellery organiser, however it is perfect to store makeup in. 

I plan to store the products that I don’t use as often in the container with the drawers (in above photos). It’s the perfect size for eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, blushes etc. 

How do you organise your makeup?

xo a Roxane

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