Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in ‘Blackest Black!

Hey everyone!

I recently purchased the Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner as I was in the market for a gel liner. I had heard great reviews about this particular eyeliner and decided to purchase it. I chose it in the shade ‘Blackest Black’. 


I typically have always used pencil eyeliners in the past, as opposed to liquid eyeliners, just because I find them easier to use. Liquid liners are messy to apply and you really need a steady hand. I had watched several tutorials on YouTube and gel liners seemed quite easy to apply, not to mention virtually mess free. 

Well, I am officially a gel eyeliner convert. I could not believe how easy this was to apply. The liner comes with a tiny brush, which is perfect for either applying the liner thinly, or building it up to a thicker line. The colour is extremely pigmented so I did not to have apply many layers to build up the intensity; I found two layers were sufficient. If you prefer a deeper intensity, three thin layers is perfect. 

I love the fact that you can wear it both day and night, depending on how you apply it. For daytime, I like applying it along my bottom lash line and creating a slight wing at the corner of my eyes. Only a small amount of this gel liner is needed to emphasize the eyes. For nighttime, I apply it more heavily. I line both my upper and lower lash line, and extend the line out to create a winged look. I also like to apply a black powder eyeshadow such as Mac Carbon over the liner to further intensify the look and create a smokier effect. 


From left: two thin layers and three thin layers of the eyeliner. 

In terms of longevity, this liner stays put extremely well. I wore it last night to dinner and dancing and it stayed on all night. It did not smudge at all and looked as fresh as when I first applied it. 


How I apply it during the day. I line my bottom lashes for a smoky yet subtle effect. I also extend            the tip out slightly to create a winged effect. 

Have you tried this eye liner? 

xo Roxane


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