Xen Tan Moroccan Tan Weekly Self Tan in Medium!

Hey everyone!


Often bloggers tend to write about the products that they
love, and rarely about the products that they didn’t. By including products that weren’t as well received, it can help readers
who are interested in a particular product make an informed choice if both the
positive and negative points are presented. So I intend to start blogging about
products that I both liked and disliked. 

I had come across the Moroccan Tan self-tanner after reading
about it on one of my favourite blogs. I absolutely love the
Xen Tan Extreme Luxe Tan, so I had very high hopes for this product. I placed
an order on Asos and received it within a week. I believe I paid about $36.00
for it.


First impressions: My first impressions were promising. It had a runny consistency
and was dark brown in colour. I was expecting it to have a similar formula to the Extreme Luxe Tan; thick and quite creamy. I personally prefer a thicker consistency. I am not sure why- I
feel like if the product is ‘lotion-like’, the colour will develop extremely
light. However, this is simply a personal preference; it has no reflection on
the product itself. The colour guide is great: it really helps to show where you’ve applied the product and saves you from missing areas. In terms of the scent, it had a nice
and fresh smell, which was a bonus (I really dislike the obvious ‘self-tanner’

Application: I applied it to my body using my hands and washed my hands after I had
done so. The product does stain, so be sure to wash your hands immediately after use. The product sank in relatively quickly and it felt like I had simply
applied lotion. The product was really dark on my skin, much darker than I had expected. I went to bed and hoped that it would turn out well.


How the product looks straight out of the tube. 


And the product blended out. You can see it is quite dark in colour. 

Results: this tanner did not really work on me. It gave my skin an orange tinge and gave me a tell-tale ‘fake tan’ look. This was surprising because the tanner had a green tinge to it, which normally indicates that the developed colour will be olive based. It was also quite streaky, however that could be due to my application and not blending the product thoroughly enough into the skin. Applying it with my hands as opposed to a tanning mitt may have also possibly hindered the final result. It didn’t really give me a ‘glow’ nor did it wow me in any way. I think I was really expecting it to be similar to the Extreme Luxe Tan, but it was completely different, in terms of the colour it developed into, and the overall evenness of the tanner. I did apply it again a few weeks later, just to trial it again, however I received the same results. All in all, this product was a bit disappointing to me, however I know of others who have used it and swear by it. I plan to use it again one more time and will share my results with you! 

Has anyone else tried this product? Did it work for you?

xo Roxane 

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