Products that just didn't work for me!

Hey everyone!

I tend to blog about products that I really love, but hardly mention the products that just didn’t work for me. As someone who buys makeup and skincare on a regular basis, I have accumulated quite a few products that just didn’t cut it for me. I am not a fussy person in general; if something doesn’t work for me, I will usually find an alternative way to use it. However there are always those products that just don’t work, no matter how you use it. Please note that these products didn’t work for me; they may work for somebody else. 

MAC Strobe Cream: I am probably breaking some kind of unwritten law by including this product on my list, but this just didn’t live up the hype for me. I had read numerous reviews about this product and it sounded pretty wonderful- it gave the face/body a great glow, it was packed full of nourishing ingredients and did I mention it was MAC?? I finally purchased this item a few months ago and to be honest, it has been sitting in my bathroom cabinet collecting dust. I do use it every now and then as a moisturiser but I didn’t really see any benefits. Perhaps I need to use it more regularly.

MAC Strobe Cream. It has a pearly sheen but fades away after a few minutes.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer: When I found out Bourjois was coming out with a version of the Chanel bronzer, I was beyond excited. I am a huge fan of bronzer and had to add this item to my collection. It wasn’t available in Australia at the time so I did some detective work and tracked it down via Asos. It’s an ok product but didn’t really wow me in any way. It actually felt a bit ‘cheap’ on my skin and just didn’t sit well. I’m a huge fan of Bourjois and own plenty of their products. I might play around with this primer to try and make it work for me. 

Rimmel Bronzing Mousse. 

Rimmel Lash Accelerator: I bought this based on very positive reviews and the fact that it helps to grow your lashes whilst you are wearing it. I thought I was onto a winner here…I was wrong. To be honest, it’s not a ‘bad’ mascara, I suppose as an everyday mascara it would get the job done. But it made my lashes very spidery which I personally do not like. My lashes are quite long so I prefer a mascara that adds volume rather than length. 

Rimmel Lash Accelerator. 

Makeup is a very personal choice: it’s important to test makeup/skincare before purchasing, as each person is different and what works on somebody else may not work on you. I’m guilty of this- I tend to read about the latest ‘must have’ product and convince myself that I really need it in my life! Most of the time it lives up to its hype…other times not so much! 

What products haven’t worked for you? Please share!

xo Roxane

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