Garnier Beauty Oil Scrub!

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I’ve always been a huge fan of using oils for the skin and hair, and regularly include oils in my skincare routine. I usually use olive oil and coconut oil on my skin, and use castor oil on my hair to give it some moisture. While I love using pure oils, I’m not opposed to buying products that include oils as I normally find they work well on my skin and hair. Garnier recently brought out a new oil-based body scrub and I was really eager to try it. Beauty oils are huge at the moment and it seems like every cosmetic brand is bringing out their own version. 

This is an oil-infused nourishing scrub which claims to exfoliate, nourishes and illuminates. It contains four ‘precious oil’: Argan, macadamia, almond and rose. It’s meant to scrub away dull skin and reveal brighter, more radiant skin. It contains the four oils, as previously mentioned, as well as cupuacu seeds which I’ve never actually heard of before. 

The consistency is slightly abrasive, but it still feels quite oily and moisturising on the skin. It feels like there are tiny bits of crushed shell in the scrub; I assume that’s the cupuacu seeds. 

Squeezed out of the tube…

…and scrubbed into the skin. 

The scent is quite unusual. It has a sophisticated and expensive, luxurious scent. The combination of all those precious oils give it a gorgeous, wonderfully scented product. It also lingers on the skin after you’ve washed it off. 

I love using this all over my body for an intense exfoliaton and especially love it to scrub my feet with. I find it really sloughs off that dry skin. 

In summary: while all body scrubs obviously remove dead skin and reveal radiant skin, it was the claim of ‘precious oils’ that I was really interested in trying out. In the past, I’ve always gravitated towards quite abrasive, salt based scrubs. While these types of scrubs are great for removing dull, flaky skin, my skin at times felt quite dry and had a lack of moisture. Products that are marketed as a beauty oil are quite seductive, as it immediately conjures up images of having silky smooth, radiant skin. While this could be taken as a gimmick, I found that this product in particular really did deliver. I don’t know if my skin looked radiant, but it definitely felt moisturised and smooth. I also didn’t feel like I needed to moisturise after using this scrub. 

Garnier also sell a matching body oil. I almost purchased it but decided to wait, as I wanted to try out the body scrub first. However, I definitely will be picking up the body oil this week! Anything to keep that amazing scent on my skin… 

Have you tried this beauty oil scrub? What did you think?

xo Roxane

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