Sothys Hydra Protective Protective Cream!

Hey everyone!

Sothys is a brand that I’ve used on and off over the past few years. The beauty salon where I regularly attend stock Sothys products and I’ve tried numerous products from the range. I recently started using a mini trial kit that my mum didn’t want and I again discovered how great this range is. Sothys is a French luxurious skincare brand that stock product ranges for different skin types. The kit that I have is for normal/combination skin and I find that the products work wonderfully with my skin.

Out of the kit, the Protective Cream really stood out for me, and I was using it on a daily basis. Well, trial sized products only last so long, so when I had a beauty appointment last week I decided to pick up the full sized version. 

The Sothys Protective Cream. 

The product states: ‘this combination cream protects your skin and maintains its original beauty. Apply in the morning and/or evening to the face and neck. Thanks to regenerative actives, skin is velvety soft and its texture is more uniform’. It also claims to counter minor imperfections. 

This is quite a heavy, thick moisturiser. It’s definitely not a lightweight moisturiser; it had an emollient-like texture and sits on top of the skin. It does contain shea butter so that is what gives it that emollient feel. It doesn’t sink into the skin right away, so the face does feel slightly sticky after applying it. It also leaves a sheen on the skin. I personally like products like this, however it’s best used at night, to allow time for it to sink into the skin. 

Squeezed out of the tube. 

…and blended out. You can see that it leaves a sheen on the skin. 

This is called a ‘Protective Cream’ and it really rings true for this product. The skin does feel protected, comforted and quite soothed after using this product. It also feels gentle on the skin; I experienced no discomfort at all when using this product. It did not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. For me, this is the deciding factor when trying out new products, as my skin tends to react/breakout from most new products. 

It has a pleasant, light floral scent. I don’t normally like skincare products to be scented, as it can feel artificial and could potentially irritate my skin. However, this is not the case with this particular moisturiser. The scent actually makes it feel like quite a sophisticated skin product. 

My beauty therapist also gave me some samples to try: the Vitality cleansing milk and the Softening emulsion, which is actually a lighter version of the Protective Cream. This is a good moisturiser to use in the warmer months, as it’s not as heavy. 

Have you tried any products from the Sothys range?

xo Roxane 

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