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Hey everyone!

Being a bit of a makeup and skincare junkie, I’ve always loved trying out new products but I never really took into account what i was putting onto my skin. Lately I’ve been really conscious of what I use in my skincare routine and I’ve been trying out a few natural skincare ingredients/recipes, which I’ll share below. Bear in mind that everyone has different skin types, and what works for one person may not work for another. You may need to try out a few things before you find something that works for you.

We all know that a few days at the beach really helps to clear up those pesky blemishes. When I returned from a beach getaway last year, my skin never looked better; it was clear and totally glowing! The salty water works wonders for your skin, so it’s logical to include salt into your skincare routine. 

A friend recently gave me a fantastic recipe for a homemade exfoliator. It’s great for those with acne prone skin and I’ve personally noticed a big difference after I use it. All you need is about a quarter of an avocado and some salt (I like to use pink Murray River salt). Mash up the avocado until it’s quite smooth and then add a few spoonfuls of salt. You can put in as much or as little salt as you wish; I personally prefer quite an abrasive scrub so I add in a lot of salt. It’s really up to you. Make sure your skin is cleansed and free from makeup. Take a handful of the scrub and gently rub it into your skin in circular motions. If your skin starts to sting don’t panic, it will subside! Keep rubbing gently until you’ve used up all of the scrub. Use tepid water to wash the scrub off and pat dry gently. Your skin will feel tight and look quite pink; this should fade after about a half hour. To add moisture back into the skin, apply some coconut oil to the face. This brings me to my next natural ingredient. 

One of my favourite products is organic coconut oil. This product can be used in a variety of ways, but I love using it as a body moisturiser, on my face as a treatment and as a cleanser. Coconut oil melts away grime on the face, adds moisture to skin and has a wonderful scent. To cleanse my skin, I apply a pea sized amount of oil to my skin and gently rub it in. I then take a cotton ball and swipe over my face to remove makeup and grime. Keep going until everything is removed. I also love to apply a small amount to my face as a night treatment. The oil melts into the skin and leaves my skin glowing in the morning. 

I know I haven’t had as many breakouts while I’ve been using these products on my skin, especially the exfoliator. I had quite a large blemish on my chin last week, and after I used the exfoliator, I woke up the next day to see that the blemish had dramatically reduced in size. Anything that reduces the size of those monsters is a good thing!

Do you have any natural skincare recipes? If so, please share below, I’d love to hear them!

xo Roxane

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