Sylvia Day's Captivated by You (spoiler alert)!

Hey everyone!

It’s the 1st of December and I’ve only bought two gifts. Pretty poor effort on my behalf! I really need to get a move on, as I hate crowds and really don’t want to put myself through the 24hour Christmas shopping trade! 

So I just finished reading Captivated by You by Sylvia Day. This is the fourth book in the Crossfire series and it continues the love story between Gideon and Eva. Just a warning though: if you’re reading the book or plan to, don’t keep reading! 

The first two novels were really good. The plot was interesting and very well written (much more so than 50 Shades of Grey). I couldn’t wait to find out all of the answers to the things that didn’t add up (how did Nathan really die? What was the link between the Russian mob and Nathan? Etc etc). By the time I got to the third novel my interest started waning; things weren’t really being explained yet there were more twists being added to the storyline. I did like the wedding bits, yet when I got to the last page I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t the end…we had to wait until the next novel to find out more? I was pretty annoyed actually! 

Anyway, I read the latest novel, Captivated by You, as quickly as I could. Sylvia has said that it’s more Gideon’s story and it is indeed; half of the novel is told from his perspective, and the other half by Eva. In this novel we really see how vulnerable Gideon is and just how much he depends on Eva to keep him sane. 

I was so eager for everything to be tied up neatly and explained. As I reached the end of the novel I realised that there was no way that would happen. There was still so much that hadn’t been explained and then bam! I was hit with this message: ‘Gideon and Eva’s story continues in One With You. Coming soon from Penguin Books!’

The words that shattered…

Noooo!!! They can’t do this to us! Ok slight exaggeration but I can’t believe it’s been dragged out into yet another novel. I really think that the series would have been much tighter if it had stopped at three novels. That’s just my personal opinion of course; I’m hoping the next book will be great (and hopefully explain everything in full). 

Have you read the latest Crossfire novel? What are your thoughts?

xo Roxane

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