Melbourne weather was so odd today; heavy rain, humid yet cold. I have a window view at work so I watched the rain fall down all day, so pretty. I love being inside when it rains heavily; it makes everything cozy and warm. Not so much when I left work, as I forgot my umbrella at home. Luckily the rain was kind enough to stop until I got to Flinders street station. I’m enjoying a cup of tea now and reading blogs. So relaxing…

The next few weekends are pretty busy; I have a couple of birthday parties coming up, a Christmas work function, my nephew’s birthday and a couple of dinners in between. I need to start organising my outfits, as I have the terrible habit of leaving it to the last minute and almost always end up choosing the wrong thing to wear. 

The Ishka pillow. It’s got a row of pom poms on both sides. 

In other news, I bought a new pillow yesterday. It was from Ishka at Chadstone and everything was 50% off. Everytime I walk into an Ishka store I always end up buying something. Everything in there is totally my style; a bit weird and hippie. My nephews and niece also found a few things they liked; it’s obvious we are related. They are going through a crystal/rock collecting stage so they picked out a few each. So cute. 

What are you up to on this cold Melbourne night?

xo Roxane

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