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Hey everyone!

After work today I made an unexpected trip to Lush with a friend. I’ve only ever tried a couple of products from there; everything else I’ve bought has been a gift for somebody else. It’s not a place I’d go to normally for myself, as it’s quite expensive and I can’t really justify the prices. However, I’ve been wanting to put together a basket full of soaps and bath products for my guest bathroom for awhile now. Nothing too fancy, just a way to brighten up my bathroom and make it welcoming for guests. So while at Lush today, I thought I’d finally do it. I ended up purchasing the following products:

(Photo taken from Lush website) 

Bohemian soap: this is a beautiful citrusy scented soap. I was given this as a gift last year and I really loved it. 

(Photo taken from Lush website) 

Sandstone soap: this is another citrus scented soap. It has exfoliating properties so it’s great for getting rid of dry skin. 

(Photo taken from Lush website) 

Soft couer massage bar: this is a toffee scented bar and is incredibly soft to use. I used it on my hands and it left them very soft and moist. 

(Photo taken from Lush website) 

King of Skin body butter: this is an extremely moisturising little bar. I wasn’t expecting it to be so moist; I rubbed it over my skin and it melts incredibly quickly. If you’ve got dry skin this is an absolute must! This is one I’d purchase again. 

(Photo taken from Lush website) 

Buttercup gift box: this contains two of their best selling products; Butterball Bath Bomb and a slice of Honey I Washed the Kids soap. 

I think I’m now officially a Lush convert and I will definitely try some more products from their range. It also makes a great gift for others; you could put together some products for a generous housewarming gift, create a pampering kit for a close friend or simply just to spoil somebody. 

What are your favourite products from Lush?

xo Roxane

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