A very busy Saturday!

Happy Saturday all!

I finished the bulk of my Christmas shopping today. Chadstone was busy but I know it will get even busier over the next two weeks so I seemed to have escaped the madness. It’s such a relief to have the majority of the gifts out of the way. I only have a couple more to go, but I can pick them up after work next week. So all in all, a very productive Saturday. 

Tonight I attended the ballet with my mum to watch ‘The Nutcracker’. I’ve always loved to watch it on television at Christmas time and when I found out it was playing at the Arts Centre, I had to get tickets. It was such a beautiful production to watch, and the dancing was incredible. I loved the costumes, the music; everything was perfect. It truly was a feast for the eyes. Dance and music have always moved me and I love how so much can be conveyed through movement and expression. 

(Image taken from the Arts Centre website). 

I’ve heard that the Russian Ballet may be bringing Swan Lake to Melbourne soon; that would be incredible to watch. 

I’m really tired now but don’t feel ready to go to bed; I feel like I am ‘wasting’ the weekend if I sleep. Does anyone else get like this? I’m just relaxing with a cup of tea and my tablet, so I can unwind a little. 


I picked up season 3 of the show ‘Girls’ today and I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow (after I return from Costco). It feels like forever since the last season came out. 

Sweet dreams 

xo Roxane

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