An overload of candles…

Happy New Year! Did everyone have an amazing time ringing in 2015? I hosted a dinner party at my house with a few friends, so it was a very relaxed affair. We are, drank and watched the fireworks from my backyard. 

I’ve somehow accumulated a whole bunch of candles recently. Some were gifts but most I bought for myself…I love candles. Tropical scents such as coconut and lime are my favourite. 

From left to right: Ecoya natural soy fragranced candle in ‘Lotus Flower’, Morgan & Finch Lumiere fragranced candle in ‘Lime & Coconut’, Nesti Dante scented Italian Candle with vegetal wax in ‘Florentine Rose and Peony’ and Ecoya Hand Cream with Nourishing Macadamia Oil in ‘Lotus Flower’. 

Ecoya candles are a favourite brand of mine, so when I came across some in a gift store recently, I snapped up two candles and a hand cream. The Lotus Flower scent smells amazing and reminds me of a lighter version of the ‘Angel’ perfume.

The Morgan & Finch candle was a gift and it has a beautiful tropical scent. After lighting this for a few minutes, the house is filled with a soft, coconut infused scent. So dreamy…

Nesti Dante candle was also a gift and while it’s not a scent I’d purchase for myself, it’s really nice and floral. 

What are some of your favourite candles?

xo Roxane

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