Caesar Salad: a quick and easy meal.

Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve really been making an effort to eat healthier and have adopted more of a plant based diet. I’ve cut way back on meat and dairy. I’ve made little changes to my eating habits, like swapping full cream milk for soy, choosing quinoa over rice and eating more ‘raw’ foods. The main motivation behind this change is to reduce my breakouts and clear my skin. I’ve been having a lot of fun researching healthy meal ideas- I had no idea there were so many recipes out there that catered for vegans and organic lovers. You really need to use your imagination and think ‘outside the box’. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from vegan bloggers and the like, who provide an abundance of knowledge for people just starting out as a vegan, or simply want to make healthier choices. In particular; Belle Gibson, creator of ‘The Whole Pantry’ app and accompanying book. A friend bought me this book recently and I’ve been obsessed over her recipes. I can’t wait to try out every recipe and put my own twist on it. The great think about Belle (besides her depth of knowledge and commitment to leading an honest, healthy life) is the fact that she isn’t preachy. Her recipes are more geared towards a vegan diet, however she does offer suggestions on incorporating meat/dairy into her recipes, for those who aren’t totally vegan. 

I tried my hand at replicating the ‘Caesar Salad’, minus the dressing. I toasted about half a cup of canned chickpeas over the stove, shaking the pan gently to ensure all sides were lightly browned. While I was doing this, I hard boiled two eggs for a couple of minutes. I cut some avocado into small pieces, washed some oak lettuce and arranged it all on my plate. A squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt completed the dish. 

The ‘Caesar Salad’, along with some turmeric mixed with hot water. 

This meal was simply delicious. It’s a satisfying meal, due to the eggs and the chickpeas, so you won’t be hungry immediately after eating. It’s also the perfect meal for when you are time poor; it took me about 10 minutes to throw together (longer if you make the dressing). Who knew a recipe with such few ingredients could be so filling and tasty? Also, if you don’t include the eggs, it’s a totally vegan dish. 

I ca t wait to experiment with some more recipes from the book. 

What are some of your favourite meals to make?

xo Roxane 

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