A few of my favourite tinted moisturisers!

Hi everyone!

I’m a huge fan of tinted moisturisers. As someone who prefers a lighter coverage, I’m always on the lookout for a product that offers good coverage, looks natural and evens out my skin tone. Over the years I’ve tried many different brands, and I now have a handful that I use on a regular basis. These include the Clinique Super City Block Oil- Free Face Protector with SPF40, Kora Tinted Day Cream and Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector (although not technically a tinted moisturiser). All three are quite different to each other, which I’ll explain below!

The Clinique Super City Block Oil- Free Face Protector out of the tube…

…and blended out. 

Clinique Super City Block Oil- Free Face Protector with SPF40

I’ve been wearing this product for years. It’s specifically designed for going from home to the office; ie: for minimum sun exposure. I love to apply this underneath my foundation for extra sun protection. The one thing I really love about this is its colour; it’s got just the right amount of yellow in it. It really suits my light olive skin tone. As for the coverage, it does a really good job of evening out imperfections on the skin. I normally use this on its own on the weekend and it’s enough coverage for me. The formula is very creamy and blends beautifully on the skin. 

Kora Tinted Day Cream out of the tube…

…and blended out. 

Kora Tinted Day Cream

This is one of those ‘one shade fits all’ products, which can be a bit of a hit or miss for most. This shade looks really dark when first squeezed out, however once it’s sheered out onto the skin it blends really well. I would say this product suits medium to dark complexions; it may be too dark on extremely pale complexions. As for the formula, it’s perfect for the weekend as it’s quite sheer and light on the skin. It gives a finish somewhat between dewy and matte; it’s not as dewy as the Clinique and the Kora. The formula is creamy, and dries quite fast on the skin. For that reason, it’s best to blend it in quickly. 

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector out of the tube…

…and blended out. 

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector

As mentioned above, this is a BB cream so it doesn’t really belong in the ‘tinted moisturiser’ category, however it’s a product I reach for when I want a light coverage so I’ll include it. BB creams have become huge over the last few years, as they are specifically targeted at problem skin and aim to treat the skin whilst wearing it. I do like this product and wear it occasionally however it can get a bit oily on my skin. I don’t have overly oily skin; it’s quite normal generally although I do suffer from breakouts. For that reason, I feel like this product would suit those with generally good skin, with only minor imperfections. The coverage is quite good; it’s not sheer or heavy- somewhere in between. The finsh is quite dewy and moist on the skin, so it may not suit those gals with oilier skin. 

I reach for these products when I’m after a particular finish/coverage; the Clinique one is great for the weekend, I use the Kora one at the beach or when it’s sunny and the Garnier one is perfect undernearth foundation. I’m always on the lookout for new tinted moisturisers, as I believe you can never have enough! 

What are some of your favourite tinted moisturisers? Can you recommend any?

xo Roxane

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