I've gone coconuts for Coconut Revolution!

Hey everyone!

I tested out the Organic Coconut Oil Beauty on my skin today and I’m in love! The oil is incredibly soft and moisturising. I used it to cleanse my face, and to moisturise my skin and my skin feels so soft and moist. It also removed my mascara really easily; there was no tugging or rubbing involved. I plan to use this solely as my moisturiser and see if it makes a difference to my skin. 

I also went on to the Coconut Revolution website and found a few products that I just have to own…everything looks so good!

Organic Glow Kit 

Organic Wellness Kit

Enrich and Hydrate Kit

Cool as a Coconut Kit

Organic a Coconut Oil Beauty 100ml 

(Photos taken from the Coconut Revolution website).

How good does everything look? I like the idea of buying a kit, as it allows you to try out the entire regime. 

I think I’ll go back to the market next week and make another purchase…or two. Ha ha. 

Have you tried anything from Coconut Revolution?

xo Roxane

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