Knock-off Birkenstocks…

Hey everyone!

I’ve wanted a pair of Birkenstocks for the longest time, but couldn’t justify paying $200 plus for a pair. They look so effortlessly stylish and I like how they border on ‘ugly’; I’m always attracted to things like that. While I was out yesterday with my mum we wandered into a discount shoe shop, and alas there they were! Well, not exactly, but pretty close…

First off, they were $10. How could I resist? If they last me through the summer I can’t ask for much more. They came in both black and white; I chose white. 

Why do celebrities make everything look so good?

(Credit: Google)

And models too…

(Credit: Google)

What do you think? I like the style of Birkenstocks as they go with pretty much anything. 

xo Roxane

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