REVIEW: My Miss Fox Experience!

Hi all!

I had my spa treatment at Miss Fox on Saturday afternoon and I thought I’d share my experience with you! I was very impatient at the lead up to the appointment and could not wait to go. I was booked in for the ‘Rose Bliss’ treatment which consisted of a foot bath, foot polish, full body massage and an hour facial. I’ll explain the treatment briefly and what I experienced, however unfortunately I did not take any photos so you’ll need to use your imagination!

Upon arrival, I was taken upstairs to the lounge area, which is a beautiful little space with black walls, black couches and flickering candlelight. The mood was very glamorous and relaxing, and it felt very 1950s. I was settled with a cup of herbal tea, and was told to change into the black robe and fluffy socks when I felt ready to. One great thing about Miss Fox is that they don’t hurry you along; you can take your time and relax. 

The lounge area (photo credit: Miss Fox website)

Once I had changed I sat back in the lounge and was offered more tea and a magazine to read while I waited. I was then given a foot soak, which was a type of milk bath with rose petals…heavenly! My beauty therapist then gave me a great foot scrub. After that, I was led into one of the private rooms for the massage and a facial. 

The massage was nice & calming, however quite gentle. I personally prefer an intense massage but it was nice nonetheless. It was a full body massage, which I’ve never had before. 

The facial was amazing; I felt like my skin was really cleansed throughly and the products used smelt amazing. The only gripe I had is I wasn’t told what products would be used! I normally like to know, so I can make a note of what works for my skin and what doesn’t. Is anyone else like this? 

Once it was all over I felt extremely relaxed and very much in a blissful state. To top it off, I was given more herbal tea, a macaron and a glass of French champagne. Heavenly! The staff at Miss Fox cannot do enough for you, and I felt very well looked after. I would have been happy to stay on that couch in the cute Miss Fox embroided robe all day I think! But, I had a dinner to get to and I was starving so I reluctantly had to leave… 

Everything at Miss Fox is pure luxury. If you enjoy the finer things in life and like to be pampered thoroughly, then Miss Fox is the place for you. It’s perfect for a special occasion, or to go with your mum or a group of girlfriends. 

I’ll provide an update of how my skin is progressing so far from the facial, if you’re interested. 

Have you been to Miss Fox?

xo Roxane

*update: my skin broke out completely after my facial. I have never had so many blemishes in my life. I think I had a bad reaction to the products they used on my skin. It took at least 3 weeks for my skin to go back to normal and it’s for that reason I sadly won’t be going back to Miss Fox. 

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