New York, how I've missed you..

Hey everyone!

My love affair with New York still isn’t over…It’s been two years since I last visited and I can’t wait any longer. So I’ve decided that I’m going at the end of the year. It will be a short trip (around ten days in total) and I plan to fit in a visit elsewhere, probably to Boston. 

I’ve even found the perfect hotel: the French Quarters Apartments. How amazing does it look?!

If this doesn’t make you want to go to New York then I don’t know what will.

New York holds a special place in my heart- it was my first overseas trip and I travelled there with my mum. It truly was a magical trip for us both and I remember every minute of it. 

Here we are in Central Park. We were on our way to the Jewish Museum and it was chillingly cold! 

What’s on your holiday wishlist?

xo Roxane

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