OPI Don't Touch My Tutu + A small H&M purchase!

Hey everyone!

What started off as a warm, sunny day in Melbourne on Friday ended up being a total downpour! A friend and I did a spot of shopping and dinner and we ended up totally drenched. Luckily the great food and dessert at the newly renovated Maha restaurant saved the day. So did my new purchase at H&M. I’d wanted a casual denim shirt for the longest time but couldn’t find the right one; they were always too loose and oversized for my petite frame. I didn’t bother trying this shirt on, and it ended up fitting me perfectly. Some of my most worn clothes are always ones I’ve just bought without trying on. Why is this always the case? 

The H&M denim shirt <3

I was also in need of a white nail polish. It had to be the right shade; I didn’t want an opaque shade as it would look too much like white out, but I didn’t want it too sheer either. I picked out ‘Don’t Touch My Tutu’, which ended up being a glossy, sheer white-ish shade. It’s probably a bit too sheer for my liking, but after applying two coats the colour builds up. It gives the nails a polished, clean look which is perfect for every day and suits any look. 

Don’t Touch My Tutu by O.P.I. 

I also tried on some bikinis from Seafolly. I think you have to be in the mood for swimsuit shopping; after a long day at work I wasn’t feeling too great so everything just looked wrong on me. I think I’ll wait until the weekend to go back. 

Until next time…

xo Roxane

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