Style File: Hart of Dixie

Hey everyone!

One of my favourite shows at the moment is Hart of Dixie. It stars Rachel Bilson, who plays Dr Zoe Hart, a surgeon who moves from New York City to a small southern town to practice. The show centres around Zoe trying to fit into a small town, make new friends and be accepted. Throw in some love dramas and you have a pretty entertaining show! I’ve only seen halfway up to season 2, and I can’t wait to see the rest. I love these types of tv shows; they are so comfortable and easy to watch, kinda like Gilmore Girls. 

The biggest part of this show (well, for me anyway) is Zoe’s style. I fell in love with the fashion from the first episode, and when I went online I was shocked to see that many other people are just as obsessed! Zoe never puts a foot wrong, fashion wise, and everything just works really well. Here are some of my favourite looks.

This is such a simple and easy look. I love the mustard pants. 

Perfect outfit. The skirt really pops against the simple top. 

The perfect casual outfit. 

Similar look to the first picture. All this look needs is a blazer to polish it off. 

How cute is this? 

It just goes to show how wearing little black shorts can look elegant! A blazer makes everything dressier. The last outfit is super cute and effortless. 

I love how none of these outfits look too ‘done’. They look as if they were thrown together haphazardly.  It’s the perfect inspiration for a work wardrobe. 

Who is your style muse?

xo Roxane

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