REVIEW: The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

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I love Monday nights, only because my favourite show is on: Law & Order: SVU. The thought of watching Benson & Co conquer the streets of the world’s toughest city truly helps me get through the work day. Although I have to admit, if I did live in New York, I don’t know if I’d watch the show. I’d be too scared to leave my apartment. 

Today I wanted to talk about my absolute favourite body butter of all time- The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut! I have been wearing this since I was about fifteen years old, roughly around the time I became totally obsessed with the scent of coconuts. I still remember my dad sitting me down and asking me in a very serious tone, “Roxane, do you really think it’s wise to smell like a coconut?” But, I could not be talked out of it, and I’ve been infatuated with coconuts ever since. 

(Image taken from The Body Shop website)

The Body Shop’s Coconut range is amazing. I’ve been buying their range for years and although I’ve tried other coconut scented products, I always go back to it. I used to buy the body butter and body scrub combo, but The Body Shop changed the scrub formula a few years ago from a salt & sugar based scrub which was quite abrasive, to a creamy, very gentle scrub. I prefer an abrasive formula, so I stopped buying it, as it was too gentle on my skin. However, I continued to purchase the Coconut Body Butter. 

The Body Shop prices were always very expensive here in Australia, however they’ve recently lowered their prices (about time I say!). When I was in New York, I stocked up on some for my sister and mum. I paid the very low price of $9 each; you really can’t beat that. 

The Body Shop Body Butters are incredibly moisturising. It’s not a light moisturiser; it’s quite heavy and doesn’t sink in right away. It leaves a film of product on the skin, so if you prefer a moisturiser that absorbs quickly, you might not like this. It’s a great product for sunburnt skin as it takes away the tightness and keeps the skin well moisturised. The formula is creamy and blends well into the skin. I normally apply this to my legs as they can get dry, especially during winter. 

I was browsing The Body Shop website and there are so many great gift packs. I have a bit of a wish list now. 

Bowl of Strawberries and Cream $125.00

(Image taken from The Body Shop website)

Summer Beach Bag $39.95

(Image taken from The Body Shop website)

Concealer Pencil $16.95 (they come in six shades) 

(Image taken from The Body Shop website)

Have you tried any of the products from The Body Shop?

xo Roxane

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