A spontaneous Sabo Skirt purchase…

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Hi guys!

I love watching Rage on Saturday nights…they play the best music. Plus the guest hosts always seem suspiciously mellow. Ha ha. Tonight’s theme is 90s and early 2000s hip hop/rnb music. I can’t help busting out a move in my pyjamas…sad I know. It takes me back to my teen years, and listening to Missy Elliot, Tupac, all that badass music. 

I have a really bad habit of online shopping at night. This explains why I have an assortment of clothing/shoes/random stuff that I’ll never wear or use. The worst mistake I ever made was ordering a pair of (mock) pony hair platform shoes from Boohoo. I’m not sure if the website photo was deceiving or I had actually fallen asleep and imagined how they’d look, but what I received was horrific. I still feel shame about it…especially after my sister teased me mercilessly about them. Thankfully I hardly shop online these days, and when I do, it’s only items I know I’ll definitely wear. 

I randomly went on the Sabo Skirt website tonight and had a quick browse. They had a huge sale on so I placed an order. I’ve only bought one item from Sabo Skirt before and it fit pretty well so I am confident I’ll wear both items. 

Here’s what I bought: 

I’ve eyed off this skirt for over a year now, but never got around to buying it. It comes in a few colours. I really like the crochet detail on the hem. 

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I love this play suit. I’ve looked at it a few times and I’m glad I waited to buy it, as it was pretty much half price. 

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Do you shop online?

xo Roxane

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