A day at Yarra Valley + Easter!

Hey guys!

Saturday was incredibly busy and I’m just sitting down now, at 2am. Yikes! I should be in bed, but being the night owl that I am, I can’t help squeezing a few more minutes in! Today was spent in the Yarra Valley with some friends, as we had a birthday party to get to. Due to the many distractions surrounding us (cheese, chocolate, general gluttony), we were lucky to even make an appearance at the party. Yikes! First stop was the Yarra Valley Dairy, where we shared cheese platters for lunch. After admiring all of the cheese and making a few purchases (wine and cheese for me), our next stop was the Yarra Valley Chocolatier. Well, it was absolute bedlam in there. We may have contributed to that. After running around and checking out every single product, I decided on a select few. I picked up a chocolate tea set. I must admit, the glass mug was what sucked me in. For some reason, I have a thing for glass mugs and will not stop until I find the right one. I think now I have found it. Hurrah. 

My new tea mug set. 

I also picked up some cute freckle covered Easter eggs for my nephews and niece, as well as some chocolate for my mum and a friend. It’s really easy to go overboard in that place, as the chocolate is so delicious and rich. 

We got home quite late, and then it was onto the task of organising Easter plates for family and friends. Each year I put together plates of Greek sweets, eggs and chocolates for family and friends. After making double batches of kourabiethes and baklava, I added some chocolate eggs and a real egg to each plate. I think they turned out pretty well, and hopefully they taste good too! 

Dyed eggs. The blue ones didn’t turn out that well for some reason…

The Easter plates. 

I’m spending Easter with my sister this year. Last weekend we had a big lunch at my house, as my fiancé celebrated his Easter last week. We had a whole lamb on a spit and we paired it with lots of salads, vegetables and the usual dips/cheese/olives etc. I really love celebrating Easter, much more than Christmas. 

How are you spending your weekend? 

xo Roxane 

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