Another day, another book purchase!

Hey everyone!

Here’s to a short working week! It’s Easter this weekend, so we have a four day weekend. I celebrate the Orthodox Easter, which is next week, but it’s still nice to have a long weekend. I plan to spend tomorrow catching up on some housework, and I also want to fit some reading in too. I caught up with my brother after work today and after having a coffee, we wandered over to Dymocks to browse. I know it’s cheaper to buy books online these days, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love walking around a bookstore and looking at all of the latest novels. Even my dad has jumped on the online shopping bandwagon, and he can’t understand why I’d pay full price. 

I picked up three new novels, which will keep me busy for the long weekend. 

The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler. I found this book by accident. I must admit the title drew in, and after reading the blurb I thought it would be something I enjoy. It’s set in New York, which was the clincher for me! I love reading about New York and all of the places I’ve visited there. 

Cafe Scheherazde by Arnold Zable. This is a book I found a few weeks ago and mentally stored in my mind to buy one day. It’s about Holocaust survivors, which I have a huge interest in, and is set in several places, one being St. Kilda, Melbourne. I look forward to reading this one. 

The Master by Kresley Cole. This is the second novel in the Game Maker series, which centres around Russian Mafiya men and the women who fall for them. It’s guilty pleasure reading and totally enjoyable! 

I bought the first novel in this series called The Professional, and I really liked it. 

Something tells me these little chicks won’t be going back into their coop…he he

What books have you read lately?

xo Roxane

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