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Hey everyone!

I always look forward to Sunday nights. It’s the last snippet of peace before the busy working week ahead. I always try to stretch it out, which may explain why I end up going to bed around midnight… 

Today was Mother’s Day and I took my mum out for a coffee and a stroll. It’s nice to set aside a day to spend with your mum, as it’s always hard to find time in our busy lives. We browsed in a secondhand bookshop and I picked up a book called ‘Almost French: A New Life in Paris’ by Sarah Turnbull. I’ve read a few chapters and I’m already hooked. I love stories of everyday people moving to new countries in search of adventure and love. I guess it’s something we’d all like to do at some point of our lives! 

I was in Melbourne Central last week and walked past one of those discount makeup stands. I was after a new foundation and I came across the w7 range. This is a brand I’ve seen in Chemist Warehouse stores but have never used nor purchased. It’s an English brand and is quite cheap. 

There were two foundations at this particular stand and I wasn’t sure of the difference. The shades were exactly the same but the formulas appeared slightly different. The girl at the counter told me that these two particular foundations shared the same colour range, however one foundation was a more matte version and the other was more of a satin fish. I like a dewy glow when it comes to foundations so I went for the satin finish foundation. 

The w7 Photo Shoot 16 Hour Budge Proof Foundation in the shade ‘Sand Beige’. 

A swatch…

…or two. 

Blended out. It’s slightly on the beige side, but it’s still a good match regardless. 

I swatched two of the shades and decided on the w7 Photo Shoot 16 Hour Budge Proof Foundation in the shade ‘Sand Beige’. This shade was the closest match to my skin. As the name suggests, it’s slightly on the beige side however it’s quite a good match for my skin. It seemed to blend in well into my skin, but sometimes it’s hard to tell under bad lighting. The foundation was only $7 so I figured that if it didn’t end up matching my skin, it wouldn’t be a total waste of money. 

I applied the foundation on Friday night as I had plans to go out. One thing I need to mention about this foundation is that it comes in a glass bottle, which is great. However, it does not have a pump or dispenser so the only way to get the product out is to whack the bottle into your hand repeatedly until the product comes out. Because the product is slightly thick, it took a few tries before I had enough product out. It’s fine now, as the bottle is full, however when I reach the end it will be a bit of a challenge!

The formula is very creamy and light. It’s not really runny nor thick; somewhat in between. I applied this product with my fingers and it it smoothed out really well on my skin. I applied a few light layers, as I needed some extra coverage. Most of the redness on my skin was covered however there were some areas that needs some extra coverage. I just applied some concealer to those areas. I set it with my MAC Skinfinish Minerslize Powder and it lasted really well into the night. I took some photos later on and it photographed extremely well. My skin appeared dewy and very fresh. I’m definitely surprised by the quality of this foundation. It lasted quite long on my skin (I’m not too sure if it lasts 16 hours as claimed but it lasted through 8 hours on my skin), it gave a great dewy finish and to top it off, it’s affordable. 

I would say this foundation offers a light to medium coverage. You can build it up quite well however probably not to a full coverage. It would most suit those with generally good skin; I applied it today and because I had a few blemishes on my skin, it did not camouflage them completely. They still peeked through the foundation. It’s a nice foundation for when you are after some light coverage and your tinted moisturiser just isn’t cutting it. 

I’m interested to try other w7 cosmetics, as I found the w7 Photo Shoot 16 Hour Budge Proof Foundation to be of pretty good quality. 

Have you tried any w7 products? Please share below! 

xo Roxane

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