REVIEW: Revlon PhotoReady Concealer + Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup

Hey guys!

I recently
ran out of my Revlon PhotoReady concealer so today I made my way to
Chemist Warehouse, which currently has 50% off all cosmetics. I ended up
purchasing two products, which are detailed below! 

The Revlon
PhotoReady concealer
is a creamy, long wearing concealer that has medium to
full coverage. It comes in six shades: Fair, Light, Light Medium, Medium,
Medium Deep and Deep. It is non cakey and is described as a concealer that can
be used for under eye circles and skin imperfections.

I have purchased this concealer on a number of occasions and I normally
purchase it in the shade ‘Light Medium’ however today I found that the ‘Light’
shade seemed to be a better match for my skin. I find it very effective for
covering up blemishes, as it can be layered without looking cakey. The formula
is quite creamy but it stays put on the skin. I normally apply this over my
foundation and set it with pressed powder. This concealer does a really good
job of covering up blemishes that are quite noticeable on the skin. I don’t
tend to apply this concealer under my eyes, as I don’t have any noticeable dark
under eye circles. 

From left: Elf concealer in the shade ‘Ivory’ and the Revlon PhotoReady concealer in the shade ‘Light’. I’ve shown the Elf concealer for comparison: you can see that the Revlon concealer is quite yellow toned. 

I also came across the Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup. This
is a new product launched by Revlon and is part of their ‘PhotoReady’
collection which are designed to give the skin an airbrushed finish. It comes
in a stick style and boasts a smooth formula and an spf20. 

My review: When I
spotted this product it immediately reminded me of the infamous Max Factor
Pancake Stick Foundation. It has the same stick style and a similar style
formula. I swiped two shades on my skin; Nude and Vanilla. Vanilla had a
yellow undertone whereas Nude leaned towards a beige undertone. I purchased the
Vanilla shade as it suited my light, yellow toned skin. 

The Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup in the shade ‘Vanilla’ swiped on the skin. You can see it’s a very close match to my skin. 

And blended out on my skin. It leaves a flawless and natural finish.

foundation is incredibly easy to use. It’s marketed as a quick, convenient
product to use, a ‘swipe and go’ type of foundation. I applied it this morning
and I was impressed how the product blended effortlessly into the skin. The
texture is quite light; I was expecting the formula to be thicker. It’s
definitely lighter than the Max Factor Pancake Stick foundation. It
has a smooth texture and it does not feel like I’m wearing makeup; it doesn’t
feel heavy at all. 

The way I
applied this was I dotted my face a few times, mainly in the middle of my face
as that’s where I need the most coverage. Using my fingers, I blended it in
with light circular motions. I tend to apply my foundation as I would applying
a moisturiser; I like to blend it in well as I feel my skin absorbs it

I added some
extra product to my chin and jaw area, as I’ve had some recent breakouts. I
would say it covered my blemishes well, but some of the redness still showed
through. I still needed to add some concealer on top. I buffed some powder on
top and I was pretty happy with the result. 

The finish of
this foundation is very natural. I would say it gives a satin finish, but it
sets quite matte. However, it does not appear powdery at all; it gives the skin
a nice, natural finish, similar to a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. 

I’ve only built
this foundation up to a light to medium coverage, however I think it could be
built up to quite a full coverage. When I say full coverage, I don’t mean an
opaque finish, as the texture is too light and creamy. I would say enough to
cover up your skin flaws but not completely cover your skin like a mask. I’d
reach for this if I need some extra coverage but I don’t want a face full of

I’ve included
a comparison with two other foundations I regularly wear, to show the
difference in shades. 

From left to right: Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup in the shade ‘Vanilla’, Sephora Fond de teint perfection 10hr foundation in ‘Light’ and Ere Perez Oat Milk foundation in the shade ‘Medium’. 

You can see
that all three are quite yellow based, and that the Revlon Insta-Fix
Makeup is the lightest. It is also the most matte, whereas the Sephora and the
Ere Perez foundations have more of a satin/natural glow. 

Have you
tried these products? Please let me know in the comments below!

xo Roxane

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