A fresh bottle of St Tropez

Hi everyone!

I recently picked up a fresh bottle of my favourite tanner, the St Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse. I had just ran out of my old bottle and I was deciding whether or not to buy another. I love it but it’s just so expensive; I paid around $50 for it. It’s more expensive than the regular Tanning Mousse; that was around $40. I almost bought the regular one but at the last minute decided to buy the Dark. I do prefer it over the regular mousse, as it gives my skin a darker tinge, yet still manages to look very natural. It’s perfect for a healthy glow (especially in the dead of winter!). 

I’ll try to put a before and after photo up to show just how good this product is. The only problem I have with this tanner is that I can’t apply it to my face; for some reason my face always breaks out. For that reason, I use Xen Tan on my face and St Tropez on my body. 

I also bought a new tanning mitt. My old one had reached the end of its life and they can only last so long before they start looking ratty. I decided on the Le Tan Application Mitt. I haven’t tried this brand of mitt before; my previous mitt was the Xen Tan brand. This mitt features a velvet texture for a smooth, even application. 

Have you tried the St Tropez Dark Tanning Mousse? 

xo Roxane

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