Weekend Fun

Hi everyone!

I started off the weekend by attending the Collingwood Children’s Farm Market, which is held on the second Saturday of every month. It normally gets really busy so we were there at 8am and it wasn’t crowded at all. We started off by getting a takeaway coffe/tea from one of the cafes there and then wandering around the market to look at all of the wonderful produce. 

Oh look, I made a friend. 

There were plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, cheese, all the good stuff! We bought plenty of vegetables, some honey, meat, chestnuts and olive oil. I also had to stop by a cheese stall and have a quick sample. It was my first time going to this market and I was very impressed. We have already decided to go again next month. 

We stopped at the Convent Bakery on the way out and had another tea and a chocolate eclair…it was delicious!

All I was thinking of was mmm…eclair 

 I highly recommend going to the Convent Bakery; it has incredible food, desserts and they bake beautiful wood fired bread. We bought a ciabatta loaf and it is so good. Love!

I also picked up a few things for our trip to Europe this weekend. We bought money belts, a casual bag for myself and an adaptor.

My new bag. Love the strawberry colour! 🍓

My new adaptor and money belt. Dorky I know…

 I also had a look for some leggings to wear on the plane trip but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Can anyone recommend some comfortable leggings? I like the ones by Adidas but can’t justify spending $70! I’ll be going to H&M this week so here’s hoping I find some I like. I can be really fussy when it comes to clothes; I agonise for days before making a purchase. Strange I know. 

I’m getting really excited about my trip and I can’t wait to go! It’s only five weeks away and I feel like I have so much to organise. I picked up my tickets last week ✈️

How did you spend your weekend? 

xo Roxane

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