Ten things to do before you go on holiday!

Hi everyone!

We all know the feeling- you’re about to embark on a major holiday and have a billion things to do before you leave. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get them done in time. I’ve been having that feeling lately so I thought I’d put together a list of what to do before going on a holiday! 

Book your hair removal appointment. You’ll want smooth, hair free limbs while on holiday, so it’s essential to have this done before you leave. I normally try to book a day before I leave, so the skin has time to calm down. 

Have a pedi/mani. We all feel instantly polished after a manicure/pedicure. Try to pick a colour that goes with everything (red is a great choice). 

Get a hair trim/style. You’ll want to start your holiday off with heathy, manageable hair. A decent trim or a luxurious blow wave will make you feel 100 times better. 

Check all documentation. This includes passport, itinerary, money etc. There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport and realising you’ve forgotten something major (I dreamt once that I forgot my passport and the feeling still fills me with dread!) 

Check your itinerary. A clear list of where you’re going and what you’ll be doing makes your trip much more easier and stress free. 

Have a suitcase run through. Look through your suitcase and make sure you’ve packed everything you need. If in doubt, just pack it. You can never be too prepared (keep the weight limit in mind though!) 

Have a pamper session at home. A few days before you leave, have a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. A deep cleanse, exfoliation & face mask will leave your skin in perfect condition for the long flight ahead.  

Get your travel bag essentials ready. Make sure you’ve included everything you need for the flight, such as a book, snacks, moisturiser, hand sanitiser etc. 

Pick out your flight outfit. You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible, especially if you’ve got a long flight ahead. Soft, stretchy fabrics are great as you won’t feel constricted. Leggings, track pants, long sleeved tops and puffy jackets are all great choices. Pack a pair of soft socks for your feet too. 

Don’t forget the toothbrush and toothpaste. Most airlines hand these out but I still like to pack my own, just in case. Hygiene is not something to be neglected when you’re flying; it’s just good manners really! 

What else is on your list?

xo Roxane

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