The Hand Quench by Milk!

Hi everyone!

A while ago I received the Hand Quench by Milk in my Bellabox.  It was just a sample size and I didn’t take any notice of it. I tried it out tonight and I’m quite impressed. I thought I’d do a mini review on this hand cream. 

Product information: Milk by Lindy Klim Hand Quench offers the ultimate hydration for the thirstiest of hands! With fast absorbing cocoa butter and sesame oil to penetrate the skin plus the aded bonus of vitamin E. To ensure total skin softness we have added Shea butter. Bergamot fruit oil soothes the senses with aromas of mint and citrus. 

The Hand Quench straight from the tube.

And blended into the skin. 

Review: To be honest, I had no idea that Lindy Klim had developed a hand cream with Milk. I know that her husband, Michael Klim had created the Milk range a few years ago but that’s all I knew. The range is sold in supermarkets and pharmacies and is marketed as a luxurious yet affordable product range. I had never tried a product from the Milk range, as the products had never interested me. I feel like the market is saturated with similar products, and it’s hard to establish why one range would be preferable over another. 

I suffer from dry hands and am constantly slathering on hand cream throughout the day. It’s gotten worse over the past month, due to the freezing Melbourne weather and I have run out of my usual hand cream. I applied some of the Hand Quench the other night and I immediately loved how quickly the product absorbed into my skin. Also, the scent is amazing! It contains bergamot oil, which gives it a citrus scent. My hands felt really smooth and soft, and well moisturised. Even though the product absorbed very quickly, it felt as if my skin had an invisible barrier against the elements, which is great. I highly recommend this hand cream if you are after a light yet moisturising hand product. 

Have you tried this hand cream? 

xo Roxane

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