Korres Suntan Oil Face & Body!

Hi everyone!

There are a ton of pharmacies in Santorini and I spent a while looking at all  of the different brands! Korres is a brand that I saw throughout Athens and Santorini (it’s a Greek brand) and I’ve used a few of their products in the past. I was in need of a tanning lotion as I had only packed sunscreen. So I set myself a mission to find the perfect one! I spotted the Korres Suntan Oil Face and Body in a pharmacy and I was instantly drawn to its promise of an even and golden tan. It also contains walnut and coconut, so I was sold. Ha ha. When I arrived back in the villa I immediately tested it out. It has a beautiful light scent and the product also absorbed into my skin quite well. It does leave an oily sheen but most tanning products do. I’ve only used this product a couple of times but I really like it so far. I plan to use it for the rest of my trip and will blog about the results! 

I really love Korres and plan to pick up a few more products while I’m overseas. In particular, their bronzers. 

Have you tried this product? 

xo Roxane 

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