Be gone ingrown hairs! How I get rid of ingrowns.

Ingrown hairs. Are they not the most painful thing ever? The sight of those little red dots all over your skin is so frustrating, especially during bikini weather! From a few pesky ingrowns to painful ones that cover large areas of your skin, it’s something that we’ve all suffered from at some point in our lives. I got a bad case recently while I was on holiday, and it was not fun having to cover my legs up during prime tanning hours! 

I’m one of the lucky few that get ingrown hairs all over my legs regardless of whether I shave or wax (I know, I’m so blessed…not). I’ve tried countless products and treatments that promise smooth and pain free skin to no avail. However, over the years, and through trial and error, I’ve worked out a treatment that works well for me. It’s a simple, relatively cheap and yet effective treatment and I believe this would work well for most. It’s not something that cures ingrown hairs, as I believe that if you suffer from them they never truly go away. However, I do find that this method helps to alleviate the pain of ingrowns and speeds up the healing process. 

The ingredients:

A grainy exfoliator. Choose a grainy, slightly rough exfoliator. I find that this type works best as it gives the skin a deeper scrub. I normally use the Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub, however I’ve been using The Body Shop exfoliators recently and I find these really work well too. You could even make your own scrub if you’re on a budget; simply mix some raw sugar with an oil such as coconut oil, olive etc for a natural exfoliator. 

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish.

The Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub (Image taken from Google). 

A cleansing cloth. You know those Japanese bathing cloths that are really large and are usually made from nylon? These are really great for scrubbing the skin and bringing all of those pesky little hairs to the surface of the skin. I normally use the Salux cloths, but today I bought one from The Body Shop and I found this one works just as well. 

From left: The Salux cloths (Image taken from Google) and The Body Shop Body Polisher. 

A heavy body butter. After all of that exfoliating and scrubbing, your skin will be pretty red and slightly dry. You’ll need to put moisture back into the skin which will help to soothe and calm those ingrowns. I usually use one of The Body Shop Body Butters which are great for moisturising. 

The Body Shop Butters (Image taken from Google). 

The process: 

I normally exfoliate my skin in the shower, as it can be messy and it just makes sense to add it to your shower routine. I take the cloth, wet it and then squeeze some of the exfoliator on it. I then scrunch up the cloth (you can fold it too, up to you!) and then scrub my wet skin in circular movements. I normally apply quite a bit of pressure when I scrub, but the cloth can be quite harsh on your skin so try not to over do it. When I scrub the skin, I like to do it in different directions so all of the hairs are caught. You might feel some stinging when exfoliating; this is normal but if it gets too much simply apply less pressure. 

Trying out the The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. The scent is amazing! 

Once I’m out of the shower, I then apply my moisturiser. Be a bit heavy-handed with it; a lot of moisture is a good thing. Your skin will feel really smooth and hopefully less painful. 

That’s it! 

Try to do the above process as soon as the ingrown hairs appear. I find that if you follow this process about two to three days in a row, your ingrown hairs will soon disappear. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions for removing ingrown hairs. I’d love to hear them! 

xo Roxane

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