Sephora Australia + a New York flashback!

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For all you beauty addicts, I am sure you’ve heard the news: Sephora Australia is now online! I feel like this calls for some serious celebration, perhaps in the way of a parade or similar huge small-scale event. 

There was some backlash recently on how Australian shoppers were being redirected from the American Sephora website back to the Australian website, to keep us from comparing prices. I think the reason for this is due to Sephora promising to keep prices competitive and in line with the US, however the prices seem to have increased for us Australian shoppers. 

I personally think with the US dollar dropping, the pricing of the Sephora products in Australia are pretty decent. When I was in the US a few years ago the dollar was strong; one $AUS dollar bought me one $US dollar and I bought a lot of products from Sephora, just because the prices were too good to pass up. However, now that the $US dollar has dropped significantly, the prices obviously aren’t as attractive and aren’t seen as something of a ‘bargain’. 

I love all of the limited edition gift packs that Sephora put together at Christmas. It reminds me of the New York trip I took with my mum a few years ago. We went in December (cold!) and I dragged her into a Sephora store at least once a day, and she would wait patiently until I had tested every single product out on my hand. We had a wonderful time visiting shows, museums and fitting in copious amounts of holiday shopping. We, along with the city, got caught up in a ‘New York’ Christmas and it truly was a magical time for us both! Going to a new country and not knowing your way around can be difficult, and it’s always so much nicer when you have your mum by your side!

Here we are at the Madame Tussauds museum! I’ll try to download some more photos from the trip in a separate post. 

Oh, just hanging out with some low key friends…

Anyway, I made the mistake of hopping onto the website to have a ‘browse’…we all know that never ends well. Here is what I have my eye on:

The Sephora Favourites Superstars. Priced at $75.00
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. Price: $80.00
Sephora Favourite Beauty Closet. Price: $99.00

   Clinique Best of Clinique. Price: $42.50

I think I’ll be buying myself some gifts this Christmas…ah, the gift of giving! 

What’s on your Sephora shopping list?

xo Roxane

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