My Arbonne party + some new products!

I recently hosted an Arbonne makeup party for a friend who is just starting out as a consultant. We kept the guest numbers low so the consultant wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed and it worked out well. The day felt more intimate and allowed guests one-one-one time with the consultants (we had an experienced consultant helping out too). This especially came in handy when we tested out the products, as the consultants came around and helped us to match and apply the products to our skin.

I’ve spoken about Arbonne parties that I’ve attended here and here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that the day was really informative and there was a lot of interaction from the guests. We all got to sample products from the Arbonne RE9 skincare range, which is the best part of makeup parties in my opinion- the ability to try before you buy. 

As a host, when you reach a certain quota of sales you are entitled to receive heavily discounted products. I was lucky enough to receive three products of my choice for only $42 as well as a surprise product in addition. Arbonne products are quite expensive so this offer was extremely generous.

Here are the products I received:

The Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser. I was in need of a cleanser as I had just finished my old one. We all tried out this cleanser at the party and I really liked the way it removed my makeup and left my skin feeling soft. It’s from the popular RE9 range which is great for keeping the skin supple and renewed. I plan to use this once a day so I’ll blog about how it goes.

The Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter

Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter. This was a complete impulse choice; I love highlighters and anything that makes me glow and I love trying out new ones. This is a luminescent highlighter that adds a soft glow to the skin. I dabbed this on my cheekbones today and I love how soft and subtle it is. I think this highlighter is more suited to fairer skin tones as it has a cool undertone. I’ll post comparisons with other highlighters so you can see the difference.

The Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in the shade ‘Rose’

Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in ‘Rose’. Another impulse choice. I have an Arbonne lipgloss which I absolutely love and wear every day, so I knew that the lipsticks would be of equally good quality. This shade is a beautiful deep rosy pink shade and smoothly glides onto the lips. The formula helps to keep lips moisturised and plump and has a satin/glossy finish.

My free gift: the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel

Free gift: Arbonne RE9 Advanced Instant Lift Gel. This was the free gift that Arbonne selected for me and I was thrilled to receive this particular product as I had just finished my bottle of the Pure C Complex Serum by uskincare. This gel makes the skin feel tighter and firmer, providing an instant lift. This is another product that we all tried out at the party and I liked how my skin instantly felt tighter. I’ve been using this daily for the past few days, so I’ll blog about my thoughts soon.

I find the Arbonnne range have high quality products and although the prices are quite high, you really do pay for quality. All of the products I’ve purchased so far have luckily worked out for me, it really helps to test them out before purchasing. Most of the products in the range are vegan too.

Have you tried any Arbonne products? 

xo Roxane

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