Sunday style!

Happy Sunday evening! I’ve always loved Sunday nights; it’s nice to have some relaxation time before the working week begins. My day was pretty productive. I caught up with a friend for breakfast, did some cleaning, laundry and assembled a shelf I bought from Kmart. I’ve decided to redecorate my room. Well, not exactly redecorate. More like start to decorate. My room was pretty plain as I couldn’t decide what style/colours/theme I wanted. I’ve decided to go with a a minimalist/feminine/whimsical style (albeit some clashing). 

Here’s what I bought from Kmart: 

Clockwise from left: Industrial bookshelf, sheepskin rug, tear drop pillow (Kmart website)

From top: set of four pastel mugs, cloud cushion (Kmart website)

I think the pillows are for kids rooms…but I don’t care. I find them so cute and whimsical. 

My room: It’s still a work in progress but I’ll get there eventually! 

How did you spend Sunday? 

xo Roxane

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