Where has January gone?

Hi beauties!

Wow, I can’t believe January is almost over!

I feel like I barely keep up each day, and before I know it, a week has passed and there’s no time for blogging, reading etc. This year I’ve decided that if I want to do something, I’m just going to do it. It’s a good New Years resolution to have! Did you make any this year? Here are some of mine:

Exercise more. Or to be totally honest, start exercising. Exercise has never really appealed to me, but I had a mind shift recently and have decided I want to tone up this year. I’ve found a ton of awesome workout videos on YouTube, and have exercised each night for at least 30 minutes. I don’t like gyms because they intimidate me, so working out in the privacy of my own home suits me perfectly. 

Write a novel. This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I used to write and illustrate my own stories when I was younger and I miss that creativity. I don’t care about writing a bestseller, it’s more about writing all of my ideas and thoughts down before they escape me! 

More craft. I absolutely love creating things, especially crochet, sewing and card making. I used to design bridal bags/accessories and I really want to get back into it! Opening an Etsy shop is on my list of things to do. 

Travel. The travel bug hit me a bit late (around 5 years ago) and I’ve been trying to fill my passport with stamps ever since! So far I’ve traveled to New York (twice, lucky me), Hawaii, Greece, Italy, Paris, Malta, Spain and around Australia. Next on my list is Israel, more of the Greek islands and I’d love to go to Russia. 

I’ve also got some blog posts lined up: the January Bellabox, some makeup reviews and what I’ve been reading lately. 

How has your January been so far? 

xo Roxane

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