REVIEW: The Parcel

Happy Easter everyone! Did you get up to much? It sure was nice having four days off, but sadly it has come to an end. At least we have a short week ahead…

I’ve been feeling a bit flat and blah today for some reason. I get like this every few months and the best way to get through it is to just let myself wallow for a few hours and eventually I get over it. Having cosy nights in with hot cups of tea and Netflix helps too!

I attended a Girls Night In at the Hoyts cinemas last week to watch ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding Part 2’. 

I’ve been to a few of these events and they are always a fun night out with the girls. Each of us was gifted with a free ice cream (I picked the honeycomb flavour, yum) and The Parcel. The Parcel is a gift box full of makeup by Designer Brands, which was a dream to receive and something that I was not expecting, so that was a nice surprise! 

Here’s what was included (all by Designer Brands):

Travel Manicure Kit. This cute five piece kits contains all of the usual nail equipment, and is housed in a sweet case. It’s perfect for travel or just to throw in your handbag. I hate having a snagged nail so this kit definitely comes in handy. 

Glam Addict. This kit is awesome. It contains ten beautiful eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a mirror. The shades are quite mauve-y and eight out of the ten shades contain shimmer. I used a couple of shades last week and the pigmentation is pretty good. 

Glam Lips. I am in love with this kit, which contains a velvet lipstick, lip plumper and lip liner. The contents card stated we would either receive the Pink or Nude shade however I received it in Red for some reason. I wasn’t too thrilled at first as red doesn’t really suit me however I’ve tried the Lip Plumper lipgloss and I am loving it. It really does plump the lips up and I plan to buy this in both Pink and Nude. 

Dry Shampoo and Volume. We all need a dry shampoo in our beauty cabinet don’t we? I used this a few days ago and it help to soak up the excess oil in my hair. 

Chocolate Khol and Black Khol with sharpener. I’m yet to try these creamy and rich eyeliners, which are long lasting and don’t irritate the eyes. 

I’m a big fan of Designer Brands and own quite a few of their products. You don’t need to spend a fortune on good quality makeup; there are so many brands that offer great quality on a budget. The only gripe I have with Designer Brands is that I find it hard to find stockists! There is a local pharmacy I know of who does stock it but I don’t think it’s the full range. If you know where I can find it around Melbourne please let me know! 

xo Roxane

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