REVIEW: Schkinny Maninny 3 Day Juice Detox Program

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Schkinny Maninny to trial a
3 day juice cleanse. I was super excited to have been asked as I had been
wanting to try one for awhile. I was able to choose any one of their 3 day
detox programs and after some consideration I decided on the juice and soup
program. Schkinny Maninny were super friendly and easy to deal with and after
deciding on a program they started it immediately. The juices are
delivered to your front door each morning, freshly prepared.

Depending on the program you choose, you either drink six bottles of juice
per day, or four bottles and two soups/salads. I chose the juice and soup
program as I felt like soup would be slightly more filling.

I was excited to start the program but also a bit worried that I’d be left
hungry. I was mostly looking forward to whether a detox would make any
improvements to my skin, as I have had a few breakouts recently.

Day 1.

I woke up and checked my front door. There was a small esky waiting outside
with a small bag containing detox tea bags, bath salts, a cleanser and a tiny
container of seeds. I quickly packed three juices and one soup into my bag and
hurried off to work.

Day one was definitely the hardest. I tried to spread the juice and soups
out evenly throughout the day so I wouldn’t be hungry. I had the first juice at
around 9:00am. It was called the Schkinny Leap Frog and contained parsley,
kiwi fruit, spinach, cucumber and apple (it was really tasty). I also made
a cup of the detox tea. I started feeling hungry at around 10:00am; I normally
have a fruit or yoghurt around this time of the morning. I tried to ignore the
cravings, and was craving the next juice.

I had the second juice at around 11:00am; the Schkinny Pine Root with
pineapple, carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger (delicious!). I tried to sip it
slowly to make it last. This was about the time when I started feeling the
tiniest bit faint. This obviously worried me, as if I was feeling like this on
the first day, things would only get worse! This was also about the time when my
headache started.

I had the Schkinny Spinach Soup around 12:30. It was very watery and to be
honest I struggled to finish it. At this stage, I was craving solid food and
could not stop thinking of food. I also found it hard to focus at work; the
clock was ticking extremely slow all day (well at least it felt that

The last juice was a sweeter concoction called the Schkinny Pink Sherbert
and I started drinking it around 3pm. This really helped with my cravings and I
found it satisfied me perfectly. My working day finishes around 4:30-5:00pm so
I knew I couldn’t have my next juice until I got home. 

As soon as I came home from work I reached for the tiny container of nuts
that were provided. By this stage I was feeling very tired and did something I
almost never do- I took a nap. I slept for about an hour straight. I felt
really rested when I woke up and decided to have the next soup, which was the
Schkinny Vego con Carne. It was ok but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the taste.
That isn’t a refection on Schkinny Maninny at all; I am not a big fan of chilli
so this is just a personal preference. I finished the night off with
the Sleep Well drink, which was so delicious and tasted like a glass
of creamy almond milk. Yum! 

The Skeep Well juice. This was my favourite juice. It’s a mix of almonds, Brazil nuts, medjool dates, cinnamon and water. I plan to make my own version at home. 

I started feeling sleepy at around 10pm.  My headache had gotten worse
but I didn’t feel hungry. I think the headaches were a result of not drinking
tea all day. I’m a huge tea drinker and drink it pretty much all day long. My
body was obviously having caffeine withdrawals. 

Day 2.

I woke up feeling better than I thought I would. My headache had gone
away and I felt quite energetic to be honest. As usual, the esky was waiting
outside my front door and I packed my juices and soups for the day.

I found it hard to drink the first juice of the day (Schkinny Leap Frog). I
also made a cup of the detox tea which I enjoyed as I always have a hot drink
in the morning.

I had a meeting that morning so I ate a banana. I checked the Schkinny
Maninny website and eating a banana was fine if hunger struck. It was just the
thing to help me get through the morning.

I had another meeting following which went for over an hour and as soon as
it finished I had the next juice called the Schkinny Pine Grapple. I didn’t
feel like eating the soup at lunch so I bought a small salad and ate half of
that. I also had the afternoon juice (Schkinny Super Salad which was really
good) around 3pm (following yet another meeting).

To be honest, I didn’t feel ‘hungry’ during the day but I did have intense
cravings (although not as bad as Day 1). Normally if I feel like eating
something I just eat it; I don’t deny myself. So it was hard for me to limit
myself; that was probably the most challenging part of the detox program.

I had the dinner soup when I got home from work but I also had a small
salad. I followed it up with the Sleep Well drink and went to bed.

Day 3.
I made it! I woke up feeling very tired, although thankfully no headaches. I had the
first juice (Schkinny Pine Ginger Splice) around 9am and it was a lot easier to
drink than the previous two mornings. Maybe because I knew it was the last day?
I had the next juice (Schkinny Cage Fighter) at 11am and I felt great. I ate
the rest of the salad that I had bought yesterday for lunch. I drank the
afternoon juice (Schkinny Fruity Punch) around 3pm and finished work around
5pm. My brother and I went out for a quick drink after work and we both ordered
a juice. I felt like a cup of tea but I really wanted to end the night
right. Later that night I had the Sleep Well drink.

My overall thoughts on the Schkinny Maninny juice detox program were
positive. I won’t lie; it was definitely harder than I’d expected and three
days felt like forever. But it was a great way to cleanse the body and I
definitely saw the benefits, which I’ll list down below. It’s also a great way
to give the body a break from the foods we consume.

My overall thoughts on the Schkinny Maninny juice detox program:

It really does give you more energy. The first day was definitely
hard and I felt tired all day. By the second day you will feel more

A juice cleanse cuts out unnecessary snacking. It will help you to realise
how much food you consume on a daily basis. It definitely made me realise
how I often eat out of boredom or just for the sake of eating.

It helps with bloating. I didn’t have that heavy feeling in my stomach.

If you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker you will experience headaches. It felt
good to cut caffeine out for a few days though; it definitely made me realise
how much my body relies on it.

It will give you a glow. It’s strange, but my eyes looked brighter and
more lively.

Try to rest while you detox. It’s definitely hard to detox when you work or
have a busy day planned. So set aside a weekend.

A tip: if you are interested in doing a juice detox program, I’d definitely
recommend choosing a juice and salad program if you’re a first time user. I
found it hard surviving on juices and soups alone, and you’ll definitely crave
solid food (so will your jaw!).

I know this was a long post but I really wanted to give you as much
information as possible about undertaking a juice detox. I’m by no means an
expert, and this is really just about my personal experience but hopefully it
might answer any questions you might have!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? I’d be so interested to know!

Thank you to Schkinny Maninny for giving me the opportunity to try out one of
their amazing detox programs!

Schkinny Maninny 3 Day Juice Cleanse was sent to me for consideration. This
does not affect my review and I have given an honest, unbiased


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