The Ultimate Bubble Bath

Hi beauties! 

It’s been years since I had a bubble bath. Showers are just so convenient and frankly, I really hate to waste time. The idea of lying in a tub of water never really appealed to me. But that all changed when I received the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar by Lush from a friend. First of all, they are shaped like carrots. They are sparkly. And to top it off, they are pretty! I started to think there was much more to this bath business than I’d realised… 

I went to Lush today as I had my heart set on building up a bubble bar collection. There are so many pretty products in there that I was genuinely stumped (do I need a glitter egg shaped bath bomb? Will I resemble a disco ball? Am I too old for this?). You can see my dilemma. I ultimately decided on the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. 

 From top: Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and the Bunch of Carrots.

So pretty! 

I didn’t have anything planned tonight so I decided to take a bath. 

I had just dropped the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar in. I also added one carrot bubble bar from the Bunch of Carrots. 

Pretty in pink…

Who doesn’t love a hot pink bath? It also had the most incredible scent, like candy. 

This sounds cheesy, but as soon as I got in the bath, I felt so relaxed. It was like my stresses just melted away. I lay there smiling like a fool, I was that relaxed. After having a good soak (and waiting for my fingers to turn wrinkly), I hopped out, put my pyjamas on and had a gin and tonic in bed, princess style. I felt quite like Cinderella. 

Without the birds of course…

I’m planning to pick up a few more bubble bars from Lush (I can feel an obsession coming on). 

What products do you use for your baths? 

xo Roxane

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