REVIEW: Vigour Skin Therapy: Revive Treatment Cleanser

Happy Saturday! We had beautiful weather today in Melbourne, which is strange considering it’s Autumn. We made the most of it and spent the morning out, shopping for our weekly fruit and vegetables and picking up some gifts for Mother’s Day.

Including this delicious cupcake for me…yum yum!

When I did the juice cleanse a few weeks ago (I’m typing this as I eat my cupcake) Schkinny Maninny included some bonus goodies, one being a face cleanser from Vigour Skin Therapy. It was a promotion at the time, so anyone who signed up for a juice cleanse would receive this as a bonus gift. 

I didn’t use it until a few days after I’d finished the cleanse. I decided to try it out so one evening, I pumped a small amount into my hand and the first thing I noticed was the incredible scent. It smelt intoxicating, like different types of flowers and herbs mixed together. It did a really nice job of cleansing my face and my skin felt nice and soft afterwards. It also didn’t break my skin out, hooray! 

I did some online sleuthing and discovered Vigour Skin Therapy is an Australian skincare range that was created by two facial specialists back in 2010. Their products are free from nasty chemicals, against animal testing and home grown. The website states that the revive treatment cleanser gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities from the skin. It also provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to strengthen and repair the tissue. 

I used this while I was wearing very minimal makeup and it did a great job of cleansing the skin. It felt very calming and soothing on the skin, and I think the scent had something to do with that. I haven’t used it to remove heavier makeup so I plan to test it out and I’ll update this post with my thoughts. 

I like the idea of using natural products on my skin, and it’s something that has become important to me over the last few years. As someone who suffers from breakouts constantly, I know how careful I have to be about what I use on my skin. It’s definitely hard, especially when you’re makeup and beauty obsessed and want to try everything! 

I had a quick look through the Vigour Skin Therapy website and they have a great range of products. If you are after some natural based skincare that are locally made, I highly recommend this brand! 

Have you tried anything from Vigour Skin Therapy? 

xo Roxane

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