Model for a Day Part 2 : Bridal Makeup

Happy Thursday! It has been absolutely freezing in Melbourne this week; it’s the first month of Winter and I’m dreading the cold weather that is to come. Brrr! I’ve been looking at my holiday photos from last year to cheer myself up but to be honest, it’s making me feel so much worse. 

Something that does cheer me up is makeup, so when my friend asked me to be her ‘model’ for a makeup class, I jumped at the chance. The class was part of an advanced course at the Tamarua Makeuo Academy, and this week’s theme was Bridal Makeup. 

This was the second time I’d attended the Tamarua Makeup Academy (you can read here for my previous post). 

Because I had arrived early, I was lucky enough to watch one of the teachers demonstrating some of his makeup techniques to the students. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by watching. One of the techniques used for this look was cream contouring, which looked amazing and I can’t wait to replicate it myself. The teacher broke it down into simple steps, so it did not seem as daunting as I’d thought. 

The products used by the students ranged from low end to high end, and included brands such as Essence, Inglot, MAC, NYX, and many more. I always love to discover new brands and products, and because my friend used a range of products on my face, it was a great way to work out what suited my skin tone. I really liked the new HD foundation by Inglot and plan to pick one up (my Arbonne foundation is almost finished). 

The finished look. My favourite part was the cream contouring and the eye makeup. I’m also wearing false lashes but they look quite natural. The overall makeup look was quite heavy, and while I never wear this much makeup, it was fun to experiment and break out of my comfort zone. 

I am in love with this Inglot palette. It was created by Tamara, the owner of Tamarua Makeup Academy, and is called the ‘Bridal Palette’. Apparently it’s a really popular palette and because Tamara is always asked about it, she had kindly supplied a list of all shades in the palette, along with a brief description of each. I took a photo of the list, as I really want to replicate this myself. 

The shades in the Bridal Palette. 

I had to take a photo of this. 

Thanks for reading! 

xo Roxane

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