REVIEW: Organic Spa Skincare

recently went for a facial at my regular spa, Beauty Refinement in Yarraville.
My therapist stocks the entire Organic Spa range, which is an Australian made, certified
organic and vegan brand. She was kind enough to give me some sample sized
products prior to having the facial, in order to prep my skin. I was given the cleanser,
exfoliator and day moisturiser, and all are really generous sample sizes,
enough to last more than a week. 

have incorporated them into my everyday skincare routine, along with my regular
Clinique products and my skin has honestly never looked better. I have had way
less breakouts, and the actual surface of my skin is smoother and brighter. I’ve
decided to blog about my first impressions of this range, so if Organic Spa is
a range you’d be interested in I hope you find this post helpful! 

Cream Cleanser is soothing on the skin and is suitable for normal, dry and
sensitive skin. It is an emulsifying cleanser and is really effective for
removing makeup and grit from the face. I actually really love this cleanser as
it very moisturising and does not dry my skin out. It also has that luxury spa
scent- the one that relaxes you as soon as you take a sniff! It did not
irritate my skin or create dry patches. I’d recommend this cleanser for most
skin types, particularly if you have skin on the drier side.

Face Exfoliant is a creamy scrub which gently polishes the skin, revealing a
smoother, brighter complexion. It is quite a grainy scrub however the particles
are small so it doesn’t feel like you’re scrubbing your face off. I use this
with a tiny amount of water as it seems to work better on my skin. It’s
important to scrub gently with this exfoliator, especially if you have
sensitive skin. I’d recommend this scrub for normal to dry types. 

Daily Moisturiser is nutrient rich, hydrating and smoothing on the complexion.
It contains Vitamin E and Rosemary extract, aiding in premature ageing. I
love this product so much that I ended up buying a full sized version. It’s the
prefect moisturizer for winter, as it deeply nourishes my skin and keeps it
well hydrated. It is absorbed into the skin quickly, yet still leaves the skin
feeling moist and supple. I normally apply this before bed, even though it is a
day cream. I just find it works well while I sleep. 

Spa also stock a night cream which I am interested in buying. My skin has
changed over the last few years and it is more prone to dryness so I feel I
need a heavier moisturizer at night. 

you tried any of the Organic Spa products?


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