REVIEW: Dusty Girls Earth Cream & Natural Mineral Lip Shine

I came across Dusty Girls on Instagram and everything about their brand stood out to me. Natural based, cruelty free and Australian-made made me want to find out more about them. I placed an order for the Natural Tinted Earth Cream in Light and the Natural Mineral Lipshine in Argyle Pink. As a bonus, Dusty Girls lets you select a product sample from their main brand Moogoo so my choice was the Anti-Ageing SPF15 Face Cream.

First off, the packaging is incredibly cute. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard which really fits in with their values. The packaging evokes a very girly, earthy vibe and I like how all of the vital information is displayed, so you’ll know at a glance that the product is silicon free, not tested on animals and made in Australia. It comes packaged in a cardboard box with straw like paper inside, to fit in with their farm style aesthetic. It was too cute not to snap a photo so I uploaded an image to Instagram as soon as it arrived in the mail (I miss the days when we didn’t feel the need to snap everything!). 

Natural Tinted Earth Cream: I decided on the Natural Tinted Earth Cream as my L’Oreal BB cream was running out. I save my tinted creams for the weekend as I prefer to keep my face as bare as possible. I was tossing up between the Light and Medium shades but ultimately decided to go with Light. When in doubt I always go lighter, as you can darken up with bronzer or a self tanner. After reading a few reviews and seeing some swatches online I decided that Light would be the best fit. I’ve used it a couple of times now and I’m not sure what it is, but it makes my skin look flawless. Although it is a tinted cream, it provides really good coverage. If you have some blemishes and minimal acne scarring this product would be a good fit. I wear it under my everyday foundation and I love the result. The finish is not completely matte; I would say it’s more of a natural finish with a slight sheen. I’d recommend the Light shade for those with a Light to Light-Medium skintone. It does run slightly on the beige side, however I didn’t find it to be a problem for me (I have light skin with a slight yellow undertone). 

Natural Mineral Lipshine: This was a spontaneous purchase as I wanted to try out another product from the range. I’m so happy I chose the Lipshine as it is amazing! I applied this on the morning before work and by the time I arrived to work (over an hour later) my lips were still incredibly moisturised and shiny. It sure puts my beloved Lip-Eze balm to shame! Argyle Pink is a beautiful rose tinted shade and would suit just about anyone. It contains a slight sparkle which looks so pretty on the lips. Dusty Girls use edible oils and natural pigments in this particular product, so it leaves the lips feeling really nourished. 

Have you tried any of the Dusty Girls makeup?

xo Roxane 

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